Adil Khokhar

Huge ambitions and clear future visions are what help me run Alpha Enterprise as the Managing Director.

I have a wide range of relevant business history that has developed me as a person as well as a leader.

The team at Alpha Enterprise have a great desire to see GloGos prosper and help save cyclists lives. The speed of which the company has grown at is mainly due to the support of local community members and the entrepreneurial team that forms the foundations to Alpha Enterprise.

Matthew Clark

I am one of the co-founders of the Alpha Enterprise.

Generally, I help out in all aspects of the company, from contributing to logo designs and representing the company at a variety of selling events and trade fairs. I deal with the financial side to Alpha Enterprise as well as taking care of the administration side of the company.

I believe that this award winning company and product will continue to expand at a great pace.

Rada Pyneeandee

I am one of the co-founders of the Alpha Enterprise.

My main role within Alpha Enterprise is sales as well as the promotion and marketing of GloGos.

I have represented the company at a variety of selling events and trade fairs. I have always considered myself as ambitious, self-motivated and reliable. The skills that I have developed over the years allow me to be successful at any tasks that are given to me, whether it is dealing with finances and communicating with customers directly.

About Us

Alpha Enterprise is a student-run company; all of which are first year University Students

Our product - a reflective cycling armband - used primarily by cyclists when indicating. The company was founded in September 2011 under the Young Enterprise banner, but was discontinued as a Young Enterprise company in July 2012 and is presently being run independently.

Amongst others, the company has won several accolades such as 'Best Innovation' as well as 'Best Customer Service' and represented the United Kingdom in the global final of the HP 'Social Innovation Relay'.

“I've been using GloGos for a few months and I think they're great. So many people comment on them and I'm impressed that they were created by such a young team. I gave some to my niece for Christmas and would recommend them to anyone who cycles.”

– Rowena Small

“GloGos are a superb product and are really handy and reliable for people who cycle at night.”

– Bibin Koshy

A life saving product at an affordable price.

– Luke Driscoll

You seem to have really grabbed this project and made it happen. You've committed to it, taken calculated risks with it that have paid off and you've pushed yourselves and the product way beyond what most Young Enterprise groups manage to achieve.

– Tom Hartley

An essential product for all cyclists. GloGos balance style with safety and all at great price.

– Alice Ellison

These innovative young people have hit on a simple idea which has the potential to improve safety for cyclists across the country. It is really encouraging to see young people identifying a market in this way and developing a product which can bring real benefit to people.

– Julian Huppert

Innovative design, compact and easy to use for all cyclists.

– Oliver Dove

I think GloGos are such an amazing product which highlight an important cycling problem on roads, especially in the night. GloGos are definitely a lifesaver for many cyclists.

–Shebin Shaji

I cycle a lot in Cambridge and I never felt bike lights were enough to keep me safe. High visibility jackets were too inconvenient and un-fashionable. This is why I wear GloGos.

–Daniel Norris

As an avid cyclist, I think GloGos are excellent for communting and cure a prevalent problem.

–Timothy Deakin